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The San Luis Valley Cancer Relief Fund was established in 2006 by Tony Ross, whose idea to spread the seeds of hope came from personal experience. Since that time, the organization has distributed over $170,000 to cancer patients in the San Luis Valley, offering them hope and some financial relief.


Tony Ross created the fund to help others after his own cancer diagnosis in 2006. Tony sought treatment in Chicago and upon arriving, learned that an organization in the area would pay for a five week stay at a hotel near the hospital. In Tony’s words, “one hidden benefit was the boost to my spirit. The fact that some organization, made up of people that didn’t know me, extended such an incredible gift made everything more endurable. At the basis of this concept is a feeling of support coming at a time when everything else seems to be falling apart and the cards are stacking up against you.”


Tony Ross passed in July 2009, after a courageous and graceful battle with cancer. Before his passing, he met with the Board of Directors and decided to keep the SLVCRF going. The SLVCRF is a totally volunteer organization with 100% of membership funds distributed to cancer patients and their families. While the bulk of the monies come from memberships, the SLVCRF also holds fundraisers including the Annual Concert for Cancer Relief, and Memories and Reflections hosted by and held at the Green Spot in Alamosa since 2012.

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Your organization is a great thing! We're so glad you wanted to help us! Thank you again! 


- SLVCRF Stipend Recipient

"Knowing there was someone who knew and truly wanted to ease some of the fear, pain, and worry means the world to us."


- SLVCRF Stipend Recipient

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